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Facebook Marketing Plan for a Real Estate Firm in Atlanta

The online marketing or digital marketing strategy is a front that can no longer be ignored for any business to effectively growing the contemporary global environment. More and more people have less time to receive calls or walk to the areas where the physical property is located, hence can only be accessed or reached through their social media. This inaccessibility is compounded further by the fact that there are literally millions of websites hence competition for attention is at an all time high.

Facebook is the best avenue to use in accessing and directing potential clients to the firm's website where they will get the detailed content of what the firm deals in and the possibility of buying some of the many properties across Atlanta.

The facebook page will be set up as an avenue to enable the firm in Building relationships with clients to properly understand and meet their needs. This means it will have to be as interactive as possible. The comments and questions by the clients on the property will have to be promptly responded to and a short but succinct answer provided for any question or concern then a link to the firm's website provided at the end of each response or answer to client questions. This will be on of the ways of redirecting them to further explore the provisions of the firm and deeper details.

There will also be weekly press releases from the frim that will be posted on the facebook page with the sole purpose of keeping the prospective buyers on the page on a weekly basis to the worst in order to find out what new trends or offers there are from the firm. In the process, they will be exposed to the latest properties that the firm has finished or put up for sale and also be in a position to interact with the firm in the event that they have issues that need to be handled.

There also needs to be monthly articles posted on the facebook page with links to the main firm website. These articles need to be reputable and well researched such that they can command the attention of the most serious property shoppers. This will shape the facebook page as a serious platform for the firm to interact with the clients and potential buyers (Laura…

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